“When you hear Ray Russell speak about education you immediately know he has a firm grasp on the important issues. For far too long our representatives in Raleigh have made education decisions without being informed on the current issues. I’m confident that educators will have an opportunity to have a seat at the table when Ray is elected and goes to Raleigh.”

George Zeller, President Ashe County North Carolina Association of Educators

North Carolina Association of Educators

“Ray Russell is passionate about supporting students, educators, and public education in our district and our state.  He will advocate for key educational issues, such as increasing teacher pay and per-pupil spending, adding more nurses, psychologists, and resource officers to our schools, and showing respect for the education profession by prioritizing funding and empowering local leadership to make effective decisions pertaining to the community population.”

Jennifer Lacy,  President of  Watauga County Association of Educators


North Carolina Association of Educators

“In light of the legislative assault on North Carolinians’ basic rights, NCLCV is working to establish a Green Caucus — a group of environmental champions who will work to promote clean air, clean water, and clean energy for all North Carolinians.  The 2018 cycle presents a huge opportunity for NCLCV to move a positive, pro-environmental agenda forward.  The Conservation PAC endorses Ray Russell, who once elected, will make a strong environmental advocate.” Dan Crawford, NCLCV Director of Governmental Relations.

NC League of Conservation Voters

“The North Carolina Sierra Club endorsed Ray Russell because of his love of the environment and his concerns for environmental issues as expressed in his answers to our candidate questionnaire.” Chris Turner, NC Sierra Club Member

North Carolina Sierra Club

Ray Russell for NC House District 93 (Ashe & Watauga Counties), a weather man who can win. Ray listens, and will restore common sense and balance to the State House. Wherever you are, whomever you are, you are needed to help Ray Russell win for our State.

Now Or Never NC

We are thrilled to support Ray Russell for NC House District 93, who so many in the mountains know as Weatherman Ray. Ray will bring a diverse background in the sciences and teaching, and a background in ministry to the NCGA. He is committed to deliberative and thoughtful advancement of progressive causes and he is personally committed to campaigning and governing with decency.

Our Shot NC

Everyone knows “Ray the Weatherman”. When you meet Ray, you quickly learn that he cares deeply about Northwest North Carolina. In Raleigh, Ray will carry the same dedication, friendliness, common sense, and skill that made Ray’s Weather a household name in Ashe County.

James Williams, Retired Ashe County Sheriff

Ray Russell has been serving this region through RaysWeather.Com and as an educator for over a quarter century. We know him as ‘Ray the Weatherman’, but he is a skilled communicator, scientist, educator, entrepreneur, and minister. He has proven that he cares deeply about Northwest North Carolina, is fit to lead, and ready to become our next State Representative.

Loretta Clawson, Town Councilwoman, Former Boone Mayor