Respect. Listen. Lead.

Respect. Listen. Lead. is more than a motto.  It’s the creed that Ray Russell lives by in business, politics, and life.  It’s the banner of decency he’ll bring back to the North Carolina State House, for all of the citizens of Ashe and Watauga counties.

Join us in campaigning for the North Carolina House of Representatives 93rd District Seat.

“Ray Russell is passionate about supporting students, educators, and public education in our district and our state.  He will advocate for key educational issues, such as increasing teacher pay and per-pupil spending, adding more nurses, psychologists, and resource officers to our schools, and showing respect for the education profession by prioritizing funding and empowering local leadership to make effective decisions pertaining to the community population.”

Jennifer Lacy,  President of  Watauga County Association of Educators


North Carolina Association of Educators

“When you hear Ray Russell speak about education you immediately know he has a firm grasp on the important issues. For far too long our representatives in Raleigh have made education decisions without being informed on the current issues. I’m confident that educators will have an opportunity to have a seat at the table when Ray is elected and goes to Raleigh.”

George Zeller, President Ashe County North Carolina Association of Educators

North Carolina Association of Educators